With You. With Illinois.

On June 30, we officially ended With Illinois, the most ambitious and successful fundraising effort in Illinois history. We are grateful for the more than 170,000 alumni and friends from around the world whose generosity helped take us above and beyond our goal.

From named colleges to COVID-relief funds to increasing student access through donor support, the success of the With Illinois campaign was built with gifts of all sizes to every part of our campus. Together, we accomplish more than we ever could without you. Thank you for fueling a future filled with promise, passion, and world-changing discovery. Thank you for being With Illinois.

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We've been built this way from the beginning—to serve the state and its people, and bring the whole world right along with us. Our past and future are tied together through immeasurable impact, made matter-of-factly. This is no myth. It's a phenomenon. And it lives within all of us. Together.

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