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Celebrating a promise fulfilled through your generosity

This past fall we welcomed 450 new Illinois Promise Scholars to the program, an increase of 100 students from the previous academic year. One of the most unique components of this program is the supportive community that has organically grown from year to year. Students feel this when they arrive on campus and as our seniors indicate today, it is something that they fondly remember as they transition from campus to their next endeavor. Thanks to your support, our I-Promise Scholars have taken the opportunity to thrive in this environment and we are thrilled to share not only their achievements, but their appreciation for the promise that you have helped fulfill.

Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez

Pre-Engineering (DGS)

Hometown: Montgomery, IL

The financial aid that I've been supplied through this program has allowed me to bridge the gap to obtaining a higher level of education at a more accessible cost. Without I-Promise, I would have never had the opportunity to access the quality education presented in Engineering somewhere else.”

Ady Salado

Ady Salado


Hometown: Deerfield, IL

Illinois Promise has given me the opportunity to an education, opened so many doors that wouldn’t have been attainable, and has given me the freedom to be able to explore, learn, and grow. Most importantly, it means that others believe in me and for that I am forever grateful.”

Waidat Bada

Waidat Bada

Computer Engineering

Hometown: Chicago, IL

As a woman of color, I would like to assist rising engineers like myself, by supplying them with the many resources that have helped bolster my academic career, because I feel like you can accomplish so much when the right resources are placed in front of you, and the financial burden of college is taken care.”

Illinois Promise Students

A Heartfelt Thank You

From Illinois Promise