Getting Started on Campus

As you get settled on campus, we are here to help. During your first week, we will make sure that you are all set with technology and physical access, your campus ID, parking, and more. Although no action is required on your part, below are some resources for your reference as you get settled in.

Additional information about human resources questions can be found on the Illinois Human Resources site and Katie Walker, Director of Employee Experience, is also a great resource. Debi Knight will serve as your main administrative support contact.


The iCard is your official university identification card. During your first week, a colleague will walk with you to get yours from their location inside the Illini Union Bookstore. You can swipe this card to enter university buildings after hours, use the MTD bus system for free, and it serves as your University library card.

The parking lot for the Alice Campbell Alumni Center is D-22. All of our lots require parking tags which you an obtain through the Parking Department. There are also meters in our lot that you can pay using the MobileMeter app, which can also be used to pay for parking at meters in Champaign and Urbana.

NESSIE is the university-wide HR system that houses your personal information including earnings statements, tax forms, and benefits information. If you move, you are responsible for changing your address in this system. You will also find a link here to the weekly Positive Time Reporting form that all employees are required to fill out per the State Officials and Employees Ethics Act. You will be emailed a reminder if you forget.

We use an online system to report use of any sick or vacation time. Occasionally, Brenda Morris in OVCIA will send an email asking you to confirm and “finalize” your time off. Here is the official campus holiday schedule.

The OVCIA uses WorkTango as a platform to recognize our colleagues for their good work and collaboration. It is a rewards-based platform, so after accruing points, you can earn gift cards, books, and other incentives.

Find your way around with the campus map.

Every week the OVCIA sends out Align-I, an email that shares announcements, updates, and upcoming events with the campus-wide advancement community. Functions as the communication of record for the OVCIA, advancement colleagues in units, UIF, and UIAA.

Eweek is a campus newsletter that lists announcements of general interest, upcoming events, and research opportunities for faculty and staff.

Illinois in the News is a daily email highlighting where our faculty, staff, students, and alumni are featured in the global media (the link to subscribe is in the footer). News and Trends is a similar newsletter published by the University of Illinois System.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, led by Susan Martinis, sends a weekly newsletter, This Week in Illinois Research (the link to subscribe is in the footer).

The mailing list service provides a convenient and efficient method for sending regular emails to a group of people. Opt-in to mailing lists at this link:

Technical Support

Our IT issues are handled by a centralized office—you may hear it referred to as “Swanlund IT.” (The name derives from the building they both work out of and the units that used to reside in that building.)

If you have issues with your computer, our primary Swanlund IT contact is Callie Montgomery, 217-300-3867 | You may also submit a Help Desk ticket at

The university has moved to Microsoft Teams as our primary virtual meeting and communication platform. Your office phone will also work through Teams.

Cisco VPN AnyConnect is available for download. Please refer to VPN documentation with Technology Services for setup and troubleshooting. If working remotely, use of the TunnelAll option is required for access to certain systems including TED.

One of the primary ways of sharing files within the university is through or Box Drive. Please familiarize yourself with the capabilities of Box and plan on utilizing this cloud storage platform frequently.

UIF technology

The University of Illinois Advancement Tracking and Engagement Database, known as TED, powers the work we do. This system provides insights into our generous donors and a record of their engagement and philanthropy.

TED Access and Support:
TED Login:
iLearn (Tutorials and Training):