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Fiscal Year 2023 Update

College of Veterinary Medicine

Celebrating the impact of your generosity

We are truly grateful for the generosity shown by our donors during the past year. With the help of individuals from all walks of life, our college continues to provide outstanding care for animals, advance biomedical science, and prepare the next generation of veterinary practitioners and researchers.

The people who give to our college support us for a multitude of reasons. Devotion to their own animals and appreciation for the veterinary profession, interest in research that will prevent or treat disease in people and animals, the desire to support future veterinarians, and so much more.

Whatever their motivation, they believe in our mission and capacity to improve health for animals, people, and the environment.

We thank you for investing in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

Peter Constable
Signature Peter Constable
Dean and Professor

FY 2023 By the Numbers

Thanks to your support during this past fiscal year, the College of Veterinary Medicine continues to be transformed, resulting in:

Dollars Raised16,601,369 Dollars Raised

Gifts2,881 Gifts

Hand holding seed13 New Endowment Funds Created

*Data as of 8/1/23.

FY 2023 Highlights

Your support has helped us continue to elevate the values that make Illinois distinctive: a sense of boundless aspiration, collaboration, and a global perspective.

Dr. Fan and Dr. Passos sitting together and looking at a laptop screen.

Friedrichs’ Investment in Cancer Research Yields Dividends

Louis and Christine Friedrich of Naples, Fla., have never met Dr. Timothy Fan, a veterinary oncologist and collaborative cancer researcher. But when the long-time pet owners heard about Dr. Fan’s passion for developing novel cancer treatments that are helping pets and people, they made a gift to support his work.

The gift enabled Dr. Fan to partner with a bioengineer at MIT to develop an immunotherapy treatment for dogs with melanoma. Consequently, that work led to NIH funding and industry collaborations. The gift also helped Dr. Fan’s PhD student, Dr. Matheus Passos Barbosa, secure a fellowship to study canine osteosarcoma.

“The Friedrichs’ gifts are making a tangible impact on advancing cancer therapies and educating future cancer researchers,” says Dr. Fan.

Laurie Wiechert-Sharar and Dave Sharer smiling and posing with their two cats.

A Desire to Help Helpless Beings

Laurie Wiechert-Sharar has always felt a special bond with animals. She not only values their important role in the ecosystem, but also marvels at their beauty and majesty. Over the years, she and her husband, Dave Sharar, have relied on the Wildlife Medical Clinic several times to care for injured wildlife.

“The highlight of our rescue encounters was saving a great blue heron that was having trouble flying. Now whenever I see a heron flying into or walking on the banks of the pond behind our house, I can’t help but wonder if it is him,” says Laurie.

The Sharars have frequently donated to the Wildlife Medical Clinic, and in 2022 they established an estate gift for the clinic.

Dr. Ed McGinniss

Giving to Protect the Future

When I earned my Illinois veterinary degree in 1984, things were a lot different for students than they are today. For one thing, there were two or three graduates for every veterinary job opening back then. Now, there are three or more offers for every graduate!

Unfortunately, the cost of tuition and the level of student debt is exponentially higher. When I learned about the financial challenges facing today’s veterinary students, I realized that my own relatively inexpensive tuition was a gift that I received.

Philanthropy is one way to make veterinary education financially accessible and protect the future of veterinary medicine. After donating to existing scholarships for some time, I recently established my own scholarship through an estate gift.

Dr. Tatnall smiling in his office with one of his canine patients.

Scholarship Opens Doors to Opportunities

My wife, Amber, and I followed a very strict plan of working long hours and sacrificing unnecessary expenses to pay off our undergraduate student debt and then to remain debt free when I entered veterinary school.

The first two years I was either in the classroom, working, or studying. I had no time to participate in extracurricular activities to enhance my post-graduate opportunities. That changed when I was awarded a significant and generous scholarship. The Jester Scholarship allowed me to pursue research opportunities and grow outside the classroom.

My wife and I are grateful for the outrageous generosity of those who donate their money, time, and wisdom. Such an investment safeguards the veterinary profession and its future.

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Your continued support ensures the College of Veterinary Medicine remains a place where progress and innovation can flourish. Find your passion and help us dream even bigger!

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