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Fiscal Year 2023 Update

School of Information Sciences

Celebrating the impact of your generosity

The School of Information Sciences is known worldwide for excellence in teaching, research, and engagement. These efforts are enhanced greatly by contributions from our alumni, friends, and research partners, which in the past year alone totaled nearly $5 million. The impact of this generosity provides outstanding educational opportunities for students, faculty support for innovative teaching and research, and unrestricted funds for urgent needs. On behalf of our School, I extend heartfelt gratitude to those who support our continued success and leadership in the field.

Eunice Santos
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Dean and Professor

FY 2023 By the Numbers

Thanks to your support during this past fiscal year, the iSchool at Illinois continues to be transformed, resulting in:

Dollars Raised4,947,137 Dollars Raised

Donors616 Donors

Gifts760 Gifts

First-Time Donors26 First-Time Donors

*Data as of 8/1/23.

FY 2023 Highlights

Your support has helped us continue to elevate the values that make Illinois distinctive: a sense of boundless aspiration, collaboration, and a global perspective.


Estate gift a ‘Guru-Dhakshina’ for PhD alum

According to Chandra Prabha (PhD ’84), in traditional Indian culture, a student offers a gift in gratitude to the teacher who has played an important role in his or her life. This practice, called “Guru-Dhakshina,” inspired Prabha to make an estate gift to the University of Illinois in honor of the professors who most influenced her PhD studies—F. W. “Wilf” Lancaster and Linda C. Smith. Her gift will be split between the Wilf Lancaster Scholarship and the Linda C. Smith Doctoral Student Endowment Fund in the School of Information Sciences.

“I would not have earned my doctoral degree without the advice, patience, and wisdom that Lancaster and Smith displayed toward me. Therefore, it was natural for me to select the funds named after these two teachers,” said Prabha.

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Alumni give back to program that brought them together

Fortunately for Chad Kahl, a PhD in political science wasn’t in the cards. As a graduate student in political science at the University of Illinois, he wasn’t certain that he was in the right field. His advisor, Professor Paul Diehl, suggested that he take a class in the iSchool to see if it was a better fit—and everything fell into place. Chad not only ended up earning his MSLIS degree, but mutual friends in the program introduced him to fellow classmate (now wife) Stephanie Davis-Kahl.

Like her husband, Stephanie’s decision to attend the iSchool was influenced by an offer of a graduate assistantship.

“I applied to several library schools and was lucky enough to receive an assistantship with a tuition waiver from the iSchool—I wouldn’t have been able to attend without the financial assistance,” she said. “I knew I’d get the education I needed from the faculty and staff at the iSchool, and the assistantship was an unexpected gift.”

The couple, who earned their MSLIS degrees in 1998, are now loyal donors to the iSchool Annual Fund. They credit the School with not only bringing them together but also with preparing them for their professional careers in academic libraries.

“We had such a great experience, and we wanted to ensure that others had the same opportunities that we did to learn and grow,” said Chad.

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