Dedicatory Objects & Trees

Through the Dedicatory Objects & Trees (DOT) program, the university welcomes requests to fund a gift of an object or planting on campus grounds to honor and celebrate individuals or groups associated with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

The standard gift options are a tree or a bench. Please see below for more details and a few FAQs.

DOT provides an opportunity to memorialize a person or organization by leaving a timeless mark on campus and contributing to its beauty!

How To start the process…

Click on the button below to review the process summary and to access the request form.

The Office of the Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement (OVCIA) is the project liaison between the Donor and the University Landscape Architect (ULA). After submitting your request, you should receive communication from OVCIA within five (5) business days.

For assistance, please email


Minimum Gift Amount: $2,500

Gift amount includes costs for a commemorative plaque and maintenance.

Image of a donor tree in Bardeen Quad.

A tree allows your gift to grow and bloom forevermore with the changing seasons and will be a welcome addition to more than 18,000 trees that currently populate campus. Trees provide aesthetic beauty, vary in all types, and are a fitting way to pay tribute to a person, group, or special memory.


Minimum Gift Amount: $5,000

Gift amount includes costs for a commemorative plaque and maintenance.

Image of a donor bench near the Siebel Center of Computer Science.

Your gift of a bench provides a place to sit, reflect, envision, and take in the sights and sounds of campus for generations. Benches are typically backless and made of concrete. Some locations may need concrete padding added underneath.

A Few FAQs…

Can I choose where my gift is placed and when placement occurs?

Donors can indicate up to two (2) preferred locations on the request form. The ULA will assist to identify suitable and desired sites for the object that aligns with the Campus Landscape Master Plan.

Donors can also indicate a preferred installation date, but it is not guaranteed. We’ll try our best to accommodate! Most objects take at least 90 days to be installed once a work order is submitted. Primary tree plantings and bench placements occur between April and October and are dependent on weather and materials availability.

Do i need to provide text for The plaque or make the donation when i submit the request?

Donors do not need to provide the text for the commemorative plaque at this time, nor do they need to make any donations.

If the request is approved, donors will receive further details and instructions on when and how both of these items will need to be completed to proceed with the process to have a work order submitted for the object and plaque.

What happens if my gift needs to be repaired/replaced?

As property of the university, dedicatory objects and plantings will receive regular maintenance from the ground crews just as other university assets.

Should an object or planting need to be repaired or replaced, the university will do so as part of the standard care and replacement procedures outlined in campus policies for university property.

are there different options besides a bench or tree?

The University of Illinois Alumni Association (UIAA) offers commemorative patio pavers at the Alice Campbell Alumni Center starting around $600. Visit their website for more information at

Looking for something else or have additional questions? Please email for assistance.