Why do you need my gift?

Candidly, we need your gift to turn dreams of an education from the University of Illinois into a reality for so many students! Your gift will make a greater impact on the lives of these students. Through the Illinois Promise program, your gift will help provide a comprehensive program that supports students’ financial, academic, and social needs during their time at the university.  I-Promise is awarded to students from the state of Illinois who are academically high-achieving but may not have been able to attend a university due to financial need. Through the Illinois Commitment program, your gift will help cover tuition and fees, for up to four years, for all qualified in-state students.

Why should I increase my giving?

We are asking you to consider increasing your support to the leadership annual giving level of $1,000 per year. These giving commitments help Illinois attract and retain top talent, ensure that our I-Promise and Illinois Commitment students will continue to have access to the financial resources they need to succeed, and show our wider community the power of philanthropy in creating meaningful change. By increasing your annual gifts to this level, you’re investing in the future of our students!

Can I meet one of the students I support?

To protect students’ safety and privacy, we are not able to set up any private contact between students and donors. However, as a donor to these programs, you will receive regular updates about the program, which include student highlights and stories of the way your giving is having an impact. Such as, this video below: 

Why should I increase my giving?

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How can I stop receiving these emails?

Please click here to notify me that you wish to stop being contacted.